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Download RT Edition 1 – REVIVAL_TIMES_1
Download RT Edition 2 – REVIVAL_TIMES_2
Download RT Edition 3 – REVIVAL_TIMES_3
Download RT Edition 4 – REVIVAL_TIMES_4
Download RT Edition 5 – REVIVAL_TIMES_5
Download RT Edition 6 – REVIVAL_TIMES_6

1. Who Am I  in Christ Jesus – Unlocking your true Identity – read online or…

Download – Who-Am-I

2. The Sabbath Rest – in Christ Jesus – Enter His rest today – read online or…

Download – Sabbath_Rest

3. The Inheritance – in Christ Jesus – Unleash your true potential – read online or…

Download – The Inheritance

4. Overcoming – by Christ Jesus – How to overcome the 3 schemes of Satan – read online or…

Download – Overcoming_Satan

5. The Fear of God – in Christ Jesus – Living in the Fear of the Lord – read online or…

Download – The_Fear_of_God

6. Sin & Iniquity – What’s the difference? – read online or…

 Download – Sin_&_Iniquity?

7. The Commands – of Christ Jesus – RECOMMENDED – Obeying the Masters voice – read online or…

Download – The_Commands_of_Christ

8. Beware Deceptionby Christ Jesus – Discerning spiritual blindness – read online or…

Download – Beware_Deception

9. All things now accomplished – through Christ Jesus – The Fulfilment of the Ages – read online or…

Download – Fulfilment_of_the_ages

10. The Day of the Lord – through Christ Jesus – read online or…

Download –The_Day_of_The_Lord

11. Understand the Signs in the SkyThe Sun, Moon and Stars – read online or…

Download – Signs_In_the_Sky

12. The Four Marksand the kingdoms of the world – read online or…

Download –The_Four_Marks


FREE Tracts for Outreach

Download and print to A4 paper on both sides, then cut into two and fold.

Signs _of_the_end
more to follow soon…

Download and print to A3 paper

OFF-THE-CHARTS – Evidence for the end of the world


Prophecy, Dreams & Visions

Biblefacts with Ken Johnson – (recommended)

Minos Prophecy – Norweigan Prophecy from 1968

Heavenly visitations –


Useful Teaching – Recommended audio material by John Fenn

Favourite Links

christianitybeliefs – looking at common deceptions regarding endtimes futurism

Multiply Disciples –  Multiply Movement

The Last Reformation –  Making true disciples

The Narrow Path – Steve Gregg’s website – The Narrow Path

Must watch YouTube videos

Gospel of John – The Visual Bible-Gospel of John – FULL MOVIE

The Normal Christian Birth – David Pawson

Be delivered from evil spirits – Derek Prince

Husband & Fathers – Derek Prince

Powerful Testimony – Are you really saved?

Back from the dead – Know where you are going after death

– What is church all about?

John Fenn (Sid Roth 2010) – House church movement growing at 8%

– The coming persecution Edgar Reich

The Time is short – Retha McPherson testimony (Sid Roth 2013)

Fasting is not an option – When, not if you fast by Derek Prince

Trey Smith – Theory of Everything

Noah’s Flood – The facts revealed by Jonathan Gray


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