Hello in Jesus name

Welcome to Omega – our aim is to support you and equip you to reach your full potential in Christ Jesus, through prayer, encouragement, resources, events, sharing and giving. We want Christ to be formed in us so that we come to maturity and walk as Jesus walked in victory and power through meekness.

Please read the free Newspaper (ISSUE 1) above and see our FREE MEDIA links for following issues and free downloads. Omega is about discovering the end time purpose for you as his bride as we all prepare our hearts for his return. As a believer seeking to follow Jesus you are part of the last days generation set-apart by the Holy Spirit. The end really is near – time to wake up and be ready! Time to watch and pray.

Jesus said that he is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, and we are nearer to the end than ever before!

Gather daily as the Spirit leads you with those of like mind who seek to be living sacrifices daily watching and praying in His Presence. We are his church when we obey his call to love one another and reach the lost.

“May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of his suffering”

We hope you find this website useful and look forward to hearing from you as we journey together and approach the great day of his return in glory.


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gathering in his presence